voice overs
that won’t
burn up
your budget.

No waiting.
No Studio Fees.
No Limits.
No Kidding.


If you need information you can’t find at, feel free to email, or call 701.261.8686

“Can you get it to me tomorrow?
How about today?”

I started because I love what I do. I’m passionate about giving you the highest quality product and the fastest possible turnaround. Recording from my own studio means I can immediately respond to your call for voice talent. No waiting for someone else’s schedule so I can begin work on your project. So, tomorrow’s no problem. And today is probably fine, too.

Simply email or fax me your script. We’ll discuss style and direction. Then I’ll record your voiceover in my broadcast-quality studio. I can email your session as an mp3 or .wav file, post it to my FTP site or burn it to a CD and FedEx it to you. The choice is yours.

 :30 Broadcast (voice only)
 :30 Broadcast (fully produced)
:60 Broadcast (voice only)
:60 Broadcast (fully produced)
Industrial/Technical Scripts, Tutorials, Documentaries & other long recordings
 $50 per
finished minute

NOTE: If the scope of your project requires additional time to complete or is for broadcast nationally, extra charges will apply.

Credit card payment available through PayPal.



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